Quality Policy management Statement

The Quality policy set out below should be taken as guidelines for all those who work in the company.

-The system reaches to the Design and manufacture of furniture and wooden chairs.

-In the JOSÉ IBÁÑEZ GARCÍA S.A.  Management, our objective is to satisfy all the needs of our customers and all interested parties, thourgh the continuous improvement of our work system.

-At JOSÉ IBÁÑEZ GARCÍA S.A. we have committed to this project of the Quality System implementation because we trust that it will facilitate us the achievement of our objective offering a better service and customer service and allowing us to adapt to the market new requirements , modernizing our organisational system and gaining efficiency.

-To maintain a mutual trust relationship and integration with all stakeholders in general, and all the main suppliers of the company in particular.

-To maintain the level of quality of the manufactured product.

-To offer very short delivery time.

The management of the company is committed to the fulfilment of the established quality policy, providing all the technical and human resources for the fulfilment of the requirements established in the quality system.