Within the procurement management procedure used by JOSÉ IBÁÑEZ GARCIA S.A. and for the supplier evaluation process, we consider that the criteria that we will use, without which it is essential for their approval for the incorporation as a supplier to our firm.

-Definition of supply: It must be clearly stated which supply, we are looking for prior to any purchase.

-Delivery time: It is important that the agreed deadlines are met so that there will be no stock shortage.

-Place of delivery, packaging, transport: On our order, this will be reflected, especially when we start a relationship, so that all the previous points be clearly set out.

-Recognition of the goods: It is based on recognition by our staff the material received.

-The after-sales service and warranties of the goods: It must be responded to any perceived anomaly at the delivery of the material or once it is going to be used.

Price: negotiated in advance.

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